The Methodist Church - South Molton and Ringsash Circuit

Allways End Chapel

Allways End Chapel

Service and Meetings

Sunday Service 11.00 a.m. on the second Sunday of each month.

A Brief History of Allways End Methodist Chapel

Allways End Methodist Chapel is situated in the hamlet of Oldways End in the extreme west of the Parish of Brushford in the County of Somerset.

The fact that the hamlet lies in three different parishes and two different counties must surely, in part, account for its name. The road through Old-Ways End forms the county border and we are well known for telling the story that our preacher stands in Somerset while the congregtion sit in Devon!

The Methodist Chapel was opened in 1845 and the original deed shows that the ground on which it was built was to be leased for 5,000 years at the sum 5/- a year. The deed was signed by Thomas Blackmore, a local wheelwright and great great grandfather of Maurice Blackmore of South Molton, Ruby Willcocks of Tiverton and her brothers Clifford and Leslie Jones. It was also signed by John Commins, about whom little is known and Gregory Dascombe, great great grandfather of Aubrey Hollis of London and Pricilla Dascombe who lives in South Africa.

Yet another interesting link with the past is the fact that the ground on which the chapel was built belonged to Allshire formerly farmed by the Routley family, who were former members of All-Ways End Chapel.

In the days when the chapel was built, the land was owned by a family called Vine and later it was brought by Thomas Summers of Old-Ways End.

In 1932 it was thought necessary to build a Hall for Sunday School and youth work. The 'Application to build' form was signed by John Dascombe, John Summers and George Frayne, again names which have association with the South Molton Circuit.

Current activity and development

The above hall was demolished and re-built in 1985 to make it more suitable for present needs. It now functions as a multi-use building being the venu for the monthly services along with other community uses and outreach. At the current time (autumn 2015) a review of the mission for this Church is taking place with representatives of the Parish Church and community to ensure it serves the locality in the best possible way. Please keep a watch on this space for updates!

As we are a small community the membership of the chapel has never been very great but we give thanks to our Lord God, thanks to our forebears, our current Ministers, Rev Stuart Innalls and Rev Verity Phillips, and our Local Preachers, for over 163 years of worship in our community and pray for strength and grace to continue in our Lord's name.