The Methodist Church - South Molton and Ringsash Circuit

Ashreigney Chapel

Ashreigney or Zion Chapel, as it has always been known, was opened on the 10th October 1906 with two massive meetings on that day. It was originally a Bible Christian chapel and has a capacity of just over 200 people.

Sunday School was held here until 1994 but now there is a joint Sunday School with the Parish Church which is held in the Village Hall.

Ashreigney Chapel

Old Christmas Day on 6th January is still a prominent date in our calendar year and we always celebrate with a concert or a large Christmas tree with gifts. We also hold a carol service in December in the stable below the chapel complete with new baby, donkey and sheep with the children dressed in appropriate costumes.

Various events are held in the chapel including concerts, a Pudding Evening with Songs of Praise, using our very fine organ, and occasionally Safari Suppers. A Pancake and Coffee morning is held every year at North Heale to raise funds for the chapel. The Centenary Year celebrations were a particular success.

Ashreigney Chapel

As we now join the South Molton Circuit we are continuing our positive approach by altering some of the chapel’s internal design where the Front Choir seats have been removed to create an open area plus the Sunday School has been renamed as a Fellowship Hall.

This is a big venture but through our generous people we look forward to a positive future for our Zion Chapel and hope to attract some Youth Groups to use our hall as a venue.